Joe Perez

Sales Associate

Mobile phone :  +1 561.248.1117
Proud member of IYBA


Joe has lived around boats for as long as he can remember. His dad was a mechanic for a boat dealer he later bought. Joe would help him clean motor parts and assemble outboards before he was 10. Once he bought ABC Marine, he worked his way up learning the business. From boat washer to parts, service and purchasing then sales and administration, experienced all facets of small business practices.

Joe loves the water. It is very therapeutic. It is a beautiful thing to see families having fun together. Whether it is snorkeling on a reef, dragging a tube or hitting the sandbar, there is a lot of enjoyment to be had.

Joe officially started working at a family boat dealer in 1973 at the age of 14 until 2000. He then took a management position at Sundance Marine. Was moved to headquarter store in Pompano Beach where he worked as a sales associate until 2017. Joe received his broker’s license in 2005 as well as brokering boats from 20-65’. He took a job briefly with Top Notch Marine. Wanting to expand brokerage opportunities, he came on board with YSI.

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