Wendy Meade


Co-founder / Broker

Mobile phone : +1 239.297.5186
Proud member of IYBA


While Udo grew up in the marine industry, Wendy grew up in the world of computers and information technology (IT) and went on to become a Computer Engineer. She began punching main-frame keycards by the age of 6. Most of her career was spent in the IT field, from programmer to consultant to Director of IT for a global pharmaceutical research company.

Wendy grew up on the lakes of southwest Virginia and began boating at an early age. She too possesses a passion for diving, water sports and boating and jumped at the opportunity to launch YachtSalesInternational.com with Udo. Although Wendy is licensed as a Florida Yacht & Boat Broker, she focuses her attention on day-to-day operations, technical tools, marketing and financial aspects of the Company.