Technical Data / Design draft:

Length Overall: 18.40 m/ 60ft
Length of waterline: 17.80 m
Beam: 10.20 m
Draft: 1.2 m*
Displacement: (LD) 28,000kg
Propulsion: 2 x 100 KW up to 2×350 KW
Generator: 25 KVA up to 100 KVA – frequency driven DC
Batterie capacity: 150- 280 kWh
Solar Power: 20KW Peak
Fuel: 500-1000 L
Fresh Water: 500-1000 L
Hot water: 200L
Greywater Tank: 400 L
Blackwater Tank: 400 L
Air-conditioning: 58.000 BtU – 150.000 BtU

Classification: CE- Swiss Lloyd / private Yacht

OCEAN ECO 60 Technical

Interior Layout



Design Process:

The design of the Ocean Eco 60 by HENNDESIGN is shaped around a new solar and electric approach towards catamaran yachting. Different to other catamarans the technology is not an add-on but a central design feature. The most obvious feature that underlines that fact is the aggressive roof line that comes down to the hull and therefore creates a larger roof surface for solar panels.

Sideview Sketch by HENNDESIGN

Sideview Sketch by HENNDESIGN

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