The first 80ft electric performance cruiser

With the OCEAN SAIL 82 our goal was to create the best self-sufficient sailing yacht ever made of its size.

The OCEAN SAIL 82 measuring 25-meters in length, is not only a fast and stable sailing yacht, its also has many unique and innovative features such as a state-of-the-art sailing rigg,  and a hybrid propulsion installation with a high capacity battery bank allowing for a regeneration mode when under sail. With Exterior and Interior Design by HENNDESIGN it is both stunningly beautiful and a technologically outstanding.


Technical Data/Design Draft:OCEAN SAIL 82 Technical

Hybrid: Electric engine: gearless 135 kW
Batteries: Lithium Ion battery pack 140 kWh, 10 kWh
24V DC Generator: 40 kVA – DC Generator, variable drive
Solar power:
5 kW peak
Shore power: 4 kVA 230 V
AC power: 15 kVA 230 V
Fuel: 1000 L
Fresh water: 600 L + water maker 200 l/h
Hot water: 50 L
Grey water: 200 L
Black water: 250 L
Air-con: 75.000 BTU

Deck Layout

From the first day on the goal was to design the best electric performance yacht possible. Therefore, it was essential to combine a hull influenced by the shape of racing hulls with a comfortable and cozy deck layout.

Exterior Design:

The key design features are the clean and clear outlines. The most obvious thing that comes up when you look at the OS82 is the clean deck solution and the racing hull. From the first day the goal was set to make the best performance yacht possible. Therefore it was essential to combine a hull that is influenced by the shape of racing hulls with a comfortable and cozy decks layout.

Interior Layout