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Born and raised near Mannheim in Altrip, Germany, Udo has been in or around the boating and marina industry for most of his life. When Udo was a toddler, his parents started “Nautic Willersinn”, a... Read More
While Udo grew up in the marine industry, Wendy grew up in the world of computers and information technology (IT) and went on to become a Computer Engineer. She began punching main-frame keycards by the... Read More
Lacey also assists with marketing of YachtSalesInternational.com.
Brewster originally comes from Southern Louisiana but followed his dream to live near the rivers and beaches of Fort Lauderdale.  The past 5 years ignited his passion for the Yacht Sales Industry while living and... Read More
David had been sailing since he was a child before relocating to Ft. Lauderdale in 1976, so you can say he has been around the water and yachts for quite a while. He presently holds... Read More
This is Amy’s maiden voyage into the marine industry. While she may need help with knowing the difference between port & starboard, she knows her way around numbers. She fell in love with mathematics at... Read More
Joe has lived around boats for as long as he can remember. His dad was a mechanic for a boat dealer he later bought. Joe would help him clean motor parts and assemble outboards before... Read More
Michael Binder, boat enthusiast and boat owner, was born raised in Austria. After enjoying Florida as his vacation destination for over 20 years he moved to SW Florida and became US citizen. The first Yacht-Master-License... Read More
Jordan was raised in California and Singapore. The son of a sailor and marine engineer, he was on the water at an early age, getting his first captain’s license at the age of 19. Graduating... Read More
Shelley moved to Southern Florida three years ago and has been living on her 40ft sailing catamaran for two of those three years.  Shelley's love of the ocean began as a child and has resulted... Read More
Michael grew up on the water in California.  If he had his way, he wouldn't touch land.  He's been in Florida for over 30 years with half of that time serving as a Yacht Broker... Read More
Martin was born in Germany in 1972. Martin has always had a love for boats and enjoys being out on the water regularly. From 2003-2007 he dealt with boats in Germany. In 2007, Martin moved... Read More
Growing up in Minnesota, Jenny spent summers at the lake wishing the summer season would come sooner and last longer.  In 1998 she made the journey south to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, finished art school and... Read More
Captain Chris Connor, who resides in Chicago, IL, started boating at the young age of 7 years old. In 2007, he then went on to get his Captains license and currently holds a 100-ton license... Read More
Captain Kevin Davis started his Nautical Career in 2003. In 2006, he received his initial Captains license. Currently, he holds a 500 Ton Master License with several added endorsements. Capt. Kevin was the former Commodore... Read More
Born in Evanston, Illinois, just two blocks from Lake Michigan, Mary is instinctually driven to live life near the water. An avid kayaker and rower on her university crew team, she first fell in love... Read More
Chet’s boating experience began more than thirty years ago on the Great Lakes. His profession as a school teacher allowed him plenty of time in the summer to race and cruise sailboats. In the fall... Read More
Scott has been involved with boats since he was a small boy in Southern California and later the Eastern Shore of Maryland.  Scott took over management of a Boston Whaler dealership for a college friend... Read More
Dyson did his first overnight on an Alberg 23 sailboat when he was just two-weeks old, and has been hooked ever since. Raised on Kent Island he has spent his entire life surrounded by water.  He got... Read More
In the marine industry for over 16 years, beginning with Lindblad Expeditions aboard their wilderness cruise-ships,Glenna has a background in both Wildlife and Finance.  She worked her way "up the hause pipe" from ship's deckhand... Read More
Charlie has always enjoyed boating and being close to the water.  Growing up in NE Ohio, he would spend weekends and vacations on Lake Erie.  He had the opportunity to get familiar with many different... Read More
Native of Arlington, Virginia with a love of the water, in his youth, Ralph spent many weekends guiding his father’s flat bottom boat along the South Branch of the Potomac in West Virginia making sure... Read More
Steve has been around the sea since childhood. Growing up in England, he raced sailboats and spent any time he could fishing and power boating. Steve can link his family maritime history multiple generations to... Read More
Roman, originally from Russia began his yachting career at the age of 7. Since then, Roman has participated in many yacht regattas, starting with the "Cadet" class, and the "470" class. In 1996-1997, he became... Read More
Raised in Harrison Township, Michigan, Nathan spent his summers on Mackinac Island where he developed his passion for the water. For the past 15 years, Nathan’s professional career has been on or around the ocean.... Read More